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Tuesday, 20 July 2010

I took over 200 hundred photographs in the exhibition space of the nobel peace centre in Norway, one of the most interactive spaces I have been in. A great source of research for my dissertation of which studies the subject of museology and the representation of cultures by others.

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Esko, Manniko; born 1959 from Oulu in Northern Finland takes into account the colour and the objects that a space he works in has to offer. Through this careful study of the interior the subjects personality is able to be fully explored. His work is an amalgamation of social documentary and fine art. 'I am an artist, not a politician. The most important thing for me is what the picture looks like visually,' (Manniko, 2008)

Manniko uses found frames of various materials from flea markets to display his photographs. Each image's unique qualities of colour and material lead him to decide on what type of frame to use. This concept brings the image out of itself, as if the frame has come from within one of these Finnish wooden homes. It is a way of letting the viewer enter the space that is shown before them. The individualities of the frames placed in the context of the white walls of a gallery has a gloriously satisfying effect not only for the images within them, but also for the space that the frames are placed in.

Extract from Critical Approaches to Photography Essay; lharman

Saturday, 5 June 2010

To perform a set of rules in a hotel room for 24 hours